May 2016

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Just some conversation with Olivia during her potty time.

Although we are taught to tell the truth, sometimes eventually filter out some unwanted details. Well….sometimes. I know I have some relatives who don’t always use a filter which can often come off a bit straight forward. Times I was put in the awkward situation of apologizing to friends who are caught off guard with comments that may have offended them.

I usually have to give some new friends a heads up before hand in case they are caught off guard with some blunt comments. Or maybe hand them a box of tissue in case it comes to that…which it had in the past.

I am a bit sensitive hearing forward comments as well. You would think that being exposed to some non-filtered comments would give me more of a stronger backbone to hear it all. However it just made me more aware to how there are some truths we need to hear and some we can do without. I guess it’s all in the matter of which we can handle if not any.

My daughter is now in the curious and observant stage. Hmmm, maybe a little too observant with the little details. How do you begin to teach a toddler to tell the truth but filter out details? Am I just teaching her how to “butter up” the truth? It’s confusing and I’m still trying to figure it out.

Ahhh…the other joys of parenting. I really am just “winging” it all.


This happened while we were on the way back with the kids after eating out. It was quiet in the car and Jon was trying to be witty when I was saying that since it’s quiet in the car we can talk about random stuff. He turns on the radio and just laughs.

As for the squishy face expression, that is just me making some silly face. Ahhh, married life. The silliness doesn’t stop as you get married. That’s okay though. It’s a good thing to be married to someone you can be silly with.




I remember I would hear about the kid phase, “Why”. Olivia is now in that phase, my tip for it, either record an answer and replay it over or keep your answers to “Why?” a short answer. You will be repeating it throughout the day anyways. Hahah.


I remember when I was talking to some other mom friend who was feeling under the weather, she was struggling trying to “hold the fort” and felt like she had to do it all but its hard doing that and trying to get better at the same time. I would say rest but she would say ” but there is so much she has to do.” Times she would be trying to cook for out of town guests coming, take care of her kid, then try get all the errands done. It becomes overwhelming.

Then i thought to myself. Parents are usually busy trying to take care of everyone but who is taking care of them when they really need assistance? I feel like after being a mom im wearing that invisible cloak from Harry Potter. When some family visits, they are really visiting to see the kids, not you. It’s the common thing I suppose.

This can be an introverts dream since I was never really good at small talk. However, I find myself repeating myself often because I would be talking but no one sees my mouth moving. I know im a soft talker, but it does start feeling frustrating when i feel like im having a conversation with myself. Now and then, it would be nice to not repeat myself. I may just need Siri to take some notes for others to read afterwards.

While my friend was struggling I got her a tea to help her feel a little better. I said days like that where I miss having my parents asking me if I need gingerale and crackers or asking how I am doing when I am under the weather too. Although it probably didnt change her situation, I know at least for me, knowing that some people still treat you like they geuinely still care about your well-being and make her feel she is not invisible, would make me feel better.

At least I know this invisibility cloak doesn’t work around the kids.



I remember talking to another mom and she was talking about trying to teach her son empathy. I thought to myself, when do we start understanding the meaning of empathy?

When Olivia was younger, if she saw me tear up a bit or bump into something, she would laugh. I had to explain that it’s not good to laugh when someone is sad or hurt. I know she is still trying to was hard at times when I would see her laugh at me if I bumped into things, etc.

One day I was just having a crazy day and I just cried. She was pretending to be a monster with a Lego box and when she took it off she saw me crying. She asked me what was wrong and said, “Daddy will be home later, do you want some milk to feel better? Do you want to hold Bobo?”

It made my day. She offered me Bobo, which was so sweet.
It made me feel like, yay, she is starting to know the meaning of empathy.
Despite dealing with tantrums, there is still hope:)