Last updated : November 4


TGIF-means thank goodness it’s Friday! Friday’s were always family time.

My fondest memory was when it was hot summer in Alberta, we were having a heat wave. It would be too hot to sleep upstairs in our rooms so my dad would say, it’s cooler in the downstairs family room so we get to “camp” in our family room. My sis and I would be so happy getting our favorite toys and blankets and pillow collection cause we are “camping”. Friday’s were always the best cause on t.v they had this thing call TGIF where all these comedy shows would be on, one after another. It was awesome. My mom would either be doing laundry or ironing since that would be the time where my sis and I would sit still for hours. (My mom is super picky about the laundry, she would re-fold stuff if it’s not done her way which she still does to this day, ha). My dad would watch a show or maybe read.

I remember sometimes my mom or dad would have to work the next day. Yet, it was always a treat for them to be off the next day on the weekend. I loved Friday’s because it always felt like Family time. When they are off the next day it means MORE family time:)

I still feel that way to this day. When jon comes home from work, I always say yaaay! The kids and I are so happy! It’s always a different feeling compared to sunday evenings cause then I have to count down to Friday again. I love our family time:) i find that it’s so important to have that memory of family. It often brings that warmth to your heart getting to do the simplest things together. The littlest things can just be the things we remember the most. We have to cherish it all:)

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