Cookie Day

Last updated : November 4


When jon and I started dating, we worked at the same company but at different departments. We kept it a secret from other co-workers to keep it professional at work, etc.
On our 3 months together we walked to Starbucks during our break time and got a cookie to celebrate. He was the one who took the lead on this cause although I knew it was our 3 months, I didn’t want to scare him off with being mushy for noting our 3 months together. in case he wasn’t mushy. It was a surprise that he wanted to celebrate too. Hahah.

On our 1 year anniversary he knocked on the door to my office which I was sharing with my boss and surprised me with a box of assorted gourmet cookies. It was awesome and delicious at the same time. The way to my heart is through my stomach, hahaha.

We made it a tradition to this day to celelbrate every 7th day of the month as cookie Day. A cute and yummy tradition to celelbrate with the kiddos.I love this tradition and I know for sure my kids enjoy the cookies;) too, hahah.


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